Spooky Church

Some of you may be familiar with the stories about the old St Mary’s Church at Clophill. It is said to be haunted and the home of satanic rituals and witchcraft. It certainly has seen some odd goings on over the years and it definitely has an interesting history. I like it there and find […]

A Tale Of Two Bridges

I was in London on Friday 13th November. Generally not a good date for a lot of people but it turned out to be an horrendous date later that day in Paris. There is no link between my images and what happened other than the realisation that wandering around London as I was doing, minding […]

International Cat Care Charity

  This is Amber the mischievous one of our three lovely Birmans. Last year this image was judged as being in the top 100 hundred entries out of over 4000 from around the globe by the International Cat Care Charity in their 2015 calendar competition. On the 30th November 2015 this image of Amber is […]

The Photographic Angle

I am happy to say that 4 of my images are now on tour around England in an exhibition titled “My Country”. The exhibition is curated by The Photographic Angle in association with the Royal Photographic Society. Details of venues and dates can be found at